Ecosystem and conservation projects. To he Vulture Regional Natural Park!

The Vulture Park is a protected natural area of ​​Basilicata that extends to the slopes of Mount Vulture, an ancient extinct volcano for 57,496 hectares and which includes the municipalities of Atella, Barile, Ginestra, Melfi, Rapolla, Rionero in Vulture, Ripacandida, Ruvo del Monte and San Fele , all belonging to the Province of Potenza. What makes this area unique is its very rich biodiversity, due to the variety of the ecosystem and the different climates of the altitudes, concentrated in a small area. Hence the surprising diversification of the landscape, characterized by an alternation of mountains and hills, flowering meadows and rivers, lakes and dense woods.

Ecosystem and conservation projects

The Park territory is characterised by a high plant and animal biodiversity: here it is possible to observe a considerable number of protected habitats and species that, together with the millenary cultivations, contribute to paint unique and precious landscapes.

In addition to the natural ecosystems, semi-natural ecosystems (pastures, chestnut coppices, reforestation) and agro-ecosystems (arable land, vineyards and olive groves) are an integral part of the landscape. The phenomenon of the inversion of phytoclimatic belts is particular, with fir, turkey oak and beech trees extraordinarily confused, with one occupying the vegetation belt of the other.

The state of conservation of the populations and habitats is good, except in a few cases where anthropic pressure of various kinds has disturbed the natural balance, jeopardising their existence. Some endemic Lucanian species are in danger of disappearing, such as the Vulture carnation and the Knautia lucana. On the other hand, other species seem to be extending their range (Acer cappadocicum ssp. Lobelii) and can be found in more habitats.

Maria Chiara Di Carlo


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